About Michelangelo

Michelangelo Apps were developed to take advantage of all the feateres that have made the iPad so succesful.

Post Pc Ready: Freedom and convenience to access valuable data anywhere and anytime. Imagine being able to retrieve, projects, customer information, company and employee performance, make changes to an invoice or even communicate with your employees when you are, 3000 miles away, on vacation.

iPad: the future?

During the next five to 10 years, media tablets will instigate change in computing form-factors. Modular designs will enable tablets to take on new functions, becoming the cross-platform controller and brain for hybrid consumer electronics and computers. Tablets will be substitutes for several of the consumer electronics consumers often carry with them. Thin-and-light mobile PCs with tablet-like features will become mainstream, pushing out some bulkier PC styles that have been the norm.

The iPad is the first computer that requires no training whatsoever, one that is truly accessible and useful for everyone. Just like the iPhone changed the idea of what a phone should be without anyone truly realizing it, Apple's new computer will completely and permanently change our idea of what a computer is and how it should behave.

Here's the Future

It won't happen overnight, but it will be fast. First, iPad will succeed in replacing our desktops.. In two or three years at most, an iMac and a MacBook Pro with something resembling the iPad OS will arrive. It won't just be iPad OS. It will be the full Mac OS X with a new UI covering all of it, and smart, instantly searchable databases to store documents with metadata, all of it open to developers. Then Microsoft will introduce its own version of everything, killing file managers once and for all. And during all this time, more of that data and metadata will be stored in the cloud, with local storage only acting as a cache. No more syncing between devices, no more hassles, no complications. That is the future. And it started with the iPad. Hold onto your underpants, because the world is changing again. Big time.

We are counting and investing on this computer evolution process, by developing Apps, such as Michelangelo to redefine the way companies run and operate their business. Developing a whole slew of business apps that will give business owners the ability to track, evaluate and operate their company from anywhere, anytime. These devices are tremendous assets, capable of saving you time and increase productivity. They can serve as indispensable selling tools, and they are capable to dramatically improve communication channels within your company. It's a revolution, it will change everything. It already has."

July 15, 2012 - By Nicola Maganuco

Latest News

Two New 30 Seconds TV Ads are airing on HGTV, CNBC, Lifetime and ESPN in NY. The ads will continue to run until the end of January 2013. Visit are media page to view the ads.

The word is out and many media outlets are revving & talking about Michelangelo Lite the revolutionary free app for iPad. An article from Marble Institue of America will be published in the month of December discussing how Michelangelo Lite is helping Fabricator & Stone Yards across the Nation.


A Revolutionary iPad App that helps the victims of Hurricane Sandy Rebuild Their Homes. Michelangelo Stone Evolution Corp. has joined forces with several local businesses in Long Island, Queens & Brooklyn to help families in need get their life back.

Fotis Sfirogianakis. CONGRATULATION Fotis!!! To claim your price please send us an email with your information. We also thank all of the 2,700 of you who have liked our page. Thank you!!!


Barely just a week since it's launch, we are extremely proud and thrilled to report Michelangelo Lite's 1000th download!

We love our Fans!!! With a little over 500,000 impressions and almost 300,000 unique visitors, Michelangelo Lite went viral as yesterday afternoon.


We are extremely proud and happy to announce the launch of Michelangelo Lite, an iPad app, that will change the way you shop and buy countertops, floors and more.

We love our Fans!!! Like Us on Facebook to win a brand New iPad3. Winner will be selected on October 28th, 2012 and announced on our Facebook page. Stay tuned and good luck!!!


Michelangelo is an extremely unique software application. Some of the features found on our apps are not available elsewhere because they have never been conceived before.. We have filed a provisional patent application to protect such innovations and make them exclusively available on Michelangelo apps.

Today we took Michelangelo Lite for a test drive at K&K's, a rewown stone fabricator in Bethpage, NY. Michelangelo Lite received an overwhelming positive feedback. Everyone was blown away by it's capabilities and requested to be notified as soon as it becames available on the app store.

The inclusion of turn by turn directions, notifications, SiRI and Text Messasging in the new itineration of iOS will be supported in Michalngelo Pro, making an alredy feature reach app even more irresistable to business owners looking for better ways to run their business.

Michelangelo Lite is almost ready and it's estimated release date is scheduled to be around mid-September. We are pleased to report that the app is truly a remarkable piece of enginnering.



Michelangelo Lite is an extra ordinary app. It makes you wonder how you'd manage it without it.

Giovanni Macchiavello, Gen Contractor

This is what I've been waiting for. Simply incredible.

Franceso Marasco, Stone Fabricator

This is by far the best app I've ever used. It made something as diffcult as choosing a countertop for my Kitchen, extremely easy.

Spartaco Furneri, Home Owner